I got my first platinum trophy

Gaming: Finally … I Got My First Platinum Trophy

I got my first platinum trophy

Finally, I Got My First Platinum Trophy!

As I’ve written previously, above all else I am a parent. That means that trying to get a platinum on PS3 games, particularly those that require multiple playthroughs, is pretty much impossible. Yes, I’ve heard arguments for better time management, etc. but really I try and dedicated as much free time as I can to my kids. Obviously, this limits gaming time.

And, with limited gaming time, many platinums become impossible. Even games that I am really into, such as inFamous, the Batman series and Mass Effect become too much. But finally, after about 4 years as a PS3 owner I got that first platinum. And what game was it?

Telltale’s excellent The Walking Dead. This is definitely my pick for game of the year (although with my love of all things post-apocalyptic and zombies I suppose I am biased) as it created a great atmosphere, and I found that the choice system really drove a great story. By having difficult choices that impacted how attached you got to a character, I found myself wanting to see what kind of situation I would be placed in next. By removing the karmic element that we see in games such as inFamous, I was truly free as a gamer to make decisions without worrying about how they would play into upgrades/penalties, etc. To me, this really served to create a suspension of disbelief which many games desperately lack today.

Regardless of what I thought of the game, how did I get that platinum? Well, that part is a bit disappointing. If you complete all 5 episodes, then you are good to go. I was worried that I might get to the end and me missing some kind of silly goal, but it is all spelled out from the beginning, and was pretty fair. You can’t really lose at The Walking Dead, so if you are persistent you are pretty much guaranteed a platinum. However, with a great game like this, the trophies become icing on the cake rather then a chore. Exactly the way a good game should be.

While it’s cool to have that first platinum, I know wonder which one should be number two. I’m relatively close in Batman: Arkham Asylum, inFamous 1 and 2, and Mass Effect 2. If anyone has any suggestions (besides this one) then please, sound off below!

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