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nintendo 3ds super mario review


Awesome Mario Game!

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Price Paid: Traded some dude off Kijiji Ocarina of Time for it, retails for $39.99.

Bottom Line:

 Along with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this is a must own for the 3DS.

I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan, and jumped at the opportunity to get a 3DS at launch. While the depth of the lineup of games has been underwhelming, the quality that I have seen to date is incredible. Ocarina of Time was fantastic, and was a great experience as I had never finished the game before (gasp!). But there was one key flaw: the 3D was terrible, and in some cases I found it unusable. This is to be expected, as a 15 year old game is being ported to 3D. Clearly, 3D was not part of the plan when this masterpiece was created. So, how do we show off the 3D capabilities of Nintendo’s latest handheld? Super Mario 3DS.

*** Spoiler-ish stuff ahead ***

I traded my copy of Zelda to a fellow gamer for Super Mario 3DS, not having really read much in the way of reviews. I figured it’s a Mario game, it should be good. Within minutes of playing I was enthralled; the use of 3D and the new powerups blew me away. By combining elements from NES Mario games (particularly Super Mario Bros. 3) and Mario 64, I enjoyed the perfect Mario game. The controls were tight, and the camera rarely failed me. I never felt frustrated, and I actually forgot that I was playing in 3D.

The powerups in this game are a lot of fun, and it’s great to see Goombas using them too. I also like how Nintendo has cleverly bridged the gap between hardcore and casual gamers.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I obsess over powerups and hidden items if I latch onto a game. After a few minutes of Super Mario 3DS, I knew that I must get every last golden coin. As a result, I die wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many times. The game will basically cue you, and offer you a white Tanooki suit – Raccoon suit mario + invincibility as a nice way of saying “Hey, I think you’re having a tough time with this one”. Die a few more times, and you’ll get an old school P-Wing, which takes you straight to the finish.

While many hardcore gamers may gripe about this, you don’t have to take the powerups. And for those gamers that now have family responsibilities, shortcuts and save anywhere features are key. I hate investing 2 hours into a game only to have to start over, and then eventually completely abandon said game (I’m looking at you Metal Gear Solid 3).

The only complaint I have (and I have this with most Mario games) is that I WANT TO PLAY AS LUIGI. OR MAYBE WARIO. I get that Mario is the franchise, but why not let me have a bit of choice? I really hope that future, single-player Mario games will give us these options.

Overall, this was a fantastic game, and I can’t wait for New Super Mario Bros. 2!

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